Our Team

Schiff Capital Group is a privately held real estate and investment firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Schiff Capital specializes in buying, selling, and developing properties, obtaining and providing financing, and using its extensive experience to structure complex real estate deals and business transactions.

Our services range from planning and structuring real estate projects to investing in many other unique business opportunities.

We are experienced in dealing with entitlements, tax credits and other forms of public and private incentives. Our experience includes mixed-use projects, multi-family residential, office, and medical office. This experience, combined with our ability to locate opportunities and complete transactions, makes Schiff Capital uniquely positioned to structure and close intricate business and real estate deals.

Michael S. Schiff, Esq.

As an experienced real estate executive and advisor, Mr. Schiff has structured and led the development of numerous real estate projects. Additionally, he has worked on many sophisticated and complex deals of all types with a focus on orchestrating the structure and closing of the transaction.

Prior to founding Schiff Capital, Mr. Schiff was the Executive Vice President of Schottenstein Property Group and Managing Director of Schottenstein Stores Corp. In that capacity, he handled numerous transactions across the United States and spent a significant amount of time in the Columbus and New York City real estate markets executing deals and building relationships for nearly all of the Schottenstein divisions. During the past 25 years, Mr. Schiff has worked on the purchase and sale of major corporations and properties totaling nearly a billion dollars.

Mr. Schiff is from the Columbus area and obtained his law degree from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis in 1986. Following law school, he worked directly for the late Jerome Schottenstein and then for Jay Schottenstein for over 25 years.